Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hammond Grooves Bio

This is a small bio I wrote for my friend Hammond Grooves, a Zürich based DJ.

Hammond Grooves is a music lover whose devotion to sound and grooves started back in the late 80’s in College Radio shows. Having owed a record label, taken part in putting up gigs, playing in bands and record reviewing, DJing come as a natural path. For nearly 15 years Hammond Grooves put together his love of 70’s Soundtracks, Tex Avery cartoons, Library Music, The Beat Generation, Sitar Beat, Swingin' London, Charlie Parker, Funk & Soul and delivered us Rare Grooves & Beyond.
Hammond Grooves Rare Grooves & Beyond is a very cool and stylish set. One wonderful journey through some of the best Exotica, Jazzy, Funk, Soul and Bossa Nova grooves from the past as well as the present. Rare Grooves & Beyond is a set truly worthy listening to, an unforgettable delight of sound with a cinematic touch and a danceable feeling.
Hammond Grooves is based in Zürich and available to put music in Events, your private Party or Lounge Bar.

You can listen to Hammond Grooves set here: