Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Poem 7

it is almost there, it is almost there
all set aside, brightly shaped, soon to be taken
the silver bus on the side lane awaits
for the never to be unfolding drama
here my will is broken, such a confined pretty room
row, row up the stream, find a gem, turn it down
a perfect line of leavesless trees
it is spring, in a minute a soft greener than green roof
will mute our thoughts
i kiss and caress your hair, words undone, of no use
goodbye my love, it was great
slowly, slowly, pass towards an ageing garden
do not. do not do that old trick, do not walk on the wire
i will not be here to hold you
there is a dash of pink around the corner
a fresh smell of strawberries, a river gaze
through the window a more pleasant view
inside is cold, a caged growing ambition
now it is almost there, it is almost there
your smile wakes me up, i long for it
just let me come across these feeble roaring dragons
and soon, so soon, in a second, i’ll be with you, sweetie

Saturday, 7 April 2007

an older poem #1

it’s not the smile I want
but the marble flesh
no time to waist,
please lay by my side
let’s play that game of wanders
as your poem rises
when it sets, a moment of pause,
and then, let’s move on

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Poem 6

crushing parties, crushing parties, crushing parties
all night, no stop
leap forward, leap forward, leap forward
back into my arms
sing a nasty song, sing a nasty song, sing a nasty song
crush me above and below
set a riot on the wall
search aside, search aside, search aside
turn to me , fall on your knees
make the night a day, stay away
dig for gold, dig for gold, dig for gold
lay down, come close, let me strike you
let me take you under the waterfall
don’t make a sound, be mine