Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Poem 19

it was all going to go wrong
the good lost, sobbing and mourning
there, there, what went to happen
first come martin, peeping through the window
a weekly moment of laughter and cuddle
then dan. dan stick around for a while
dinners in cosy restaurants and lunches in sunny esplanades
roses to my desk and cake slices to follow
peter brought his green-greyish eyes
long talks and friendliness
summer saw to spanish lads
ramon, flamboyant and witty, juan serious and spartan
martin stills around. he is always around
goofing, teasing, take the game one step further
martin must play smart
because there is shaun, his brother
of the swift manner and cocky talk
summer returned. with it andrew took a chance
daring paid off. swirling he got me
one, two, three, four, weekend journeys
or many more, has count i lost
to beach andrew went. need not to worry
a fine pair of blue eyes showed up
charming the gap
those who pass by, in a glance
just smirks, winks, hellos, do you want a drink?
i’ve forgotten the names i never new
but roger i remember. after a night of wonders
he took me dancing in the roundabout
so gentle the goodbye kiss
martin, of course, is still around. he is always around
never ceases to amuse and entertain me
but the grace of shy henry,
lord of the lovely smile and mesmerizing gaze
captured my unremitting favours
what a 20 months these have been!