Friday, 24 December 2010

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Poem 27

You’re the sun in my heart
I’ve wasted all the debris of the past
It is always the last time,
Until the first it again becomes
I remember when ten were
More than half of my life
The nothingness of vanity
In the devil’s garden
An ebbed bird of prey
I’ve changed course
Past the mountain, past the desert
Four times ten and two
You’re still the sun of my heart

Haiku 8

no vértice a perfeição
nos cantos a paixão
gelo estilhaçado, efémero

Poem 26

history in reverse. parallel lines.
your pond, my hockey field
orange ginger hair; burgundy hair
the light, the shadow
my dad born in the heart of darkness,
they trapped you
skinny frame; curved body
history in reverse. parallel lines.
no mark on my skin, yours a stamp
no love, never loved;
much love, always loved
a grades; i go with the flow
chocolate & chips; apple and pie
returned to sender, somewhere out there