Monday, 16 July 2007

Poem 12

come gather gratuitous grace
only for a few boyish, exalted and
tactful moments of stolen delight
may a wrong thing taste so good
and a nuisance to everybody be
a joyful bliss in leather seats
for a cast of spells and two drops of want
that wins a ride in a slippery slope
even if not all that glitters is gold
an hour of honey gestures
makes the deed but betrays reason
and if time would to still and apologies redeemed
the tale could had not been fully told
addressing time, will, wit to the
hasty but gentle discovery

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Poem 11

in trying to deny herself, anna saw a way out
if everybody departed who is to stay?
Is cowardice just a wise judgment?
what is so honourable in leaving?
if staying demands such a greater effort?
anna kept asking one question after another
but the answer did not show
a fortnight passed, her firm trial
from a box of principles, surrender a smile
at last! an answer
if she would stand still, just letting time pass
not making a fuzz nor using her will
it all should fall into place
since nothing changed and the cosy safety
remained a gentle requirement
to any distress to occur
the next day, a sunny one,
anna felt reassured in her thought
so happy, wondering and rightful
but a mile down the road, brusquely
the path twisted and a detour sign
made her turn left
left felt wrong, a liberating nuisance
yet a betrayal to reason
and reason, we all know
it is an uttermost possession for anna